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Innovation Ecosystem

Leading the creation of an innovation ecosystem

Is there any way mitigate errors on this journey? Find this out and learn how to walk a more prosperous path when creating an innovation ecosystem.

An innovation ecosystem is a structure that, despite being extraordinarily dynamic and facilitating the interaction of its agents, is still complex. This is because it involves a series of organizations with different objectives and interests — even though innovation is a common point —in addition to constant decision-making.

However, because it is an ecosystem, over time, the relationships between the participants become more and more natural and intuitive, and that is precisely why most of the challenges are found at the beginning of everything in creating an ecosystem of innovation.

Based on this, we define decisive steps for success when designing an innovation ecosystem from scratch.

Next, see how such a task is more manageable than it seems and what are the best ways to overcome difficulties. Good reading!

Start building a strong team.

There is no doubt that a great project starts with a great team — that is, this step is essential.

But it is worth remembering that to build a team of excellence, more is needed to consider the technical training and expertise of professionals, known as hard skills.

Another aspect that should also be considered is the soft skills and behavioral skills that dictate how the professional deals with other people and himself in the face of different situations in the corporate environment. The best-known examples are emotional intelligence and assertive communication.

And last but not least, it is essential to invest in a diverse team; after all, the exchange of experience between different professional profiles guarantees a series of advantages, such as motivation, increased organizational creativity, reduced conflicts, and, of course, more ease when innovating.

Brainstorm to capture new ideas.

This technique seeks to gather as much information as possible to solve a problem and is an essential tool in driving innovation.

Its dynamic revolves around the thought that ideas always pull other ideas, so it is normal for unpredictable suggestions to arise — which is excellent for an innovation ecosystem since:

  • helps to find innovative solutions.
  • encourages creativity and innovation.
  • optimizes the decision-making process.
  • improves team communication.
  • increases productivity.

One way to generate ideas for brainstorming is through Scamper (click here to download the tool), which stimulates the creativity of organization members, making them consider new approaches to products and services and re-evaluate stages of the development process.

Define the innovation framework.

Defining and implementing an innovation framework involving a series of sprints can help teams de-risk their ideas, a process that can be done through tools such as the Business Model Canvas and the Test Card.

These frameworks — which are quite simple — help organize, define, and refine ideas to the point of facilitating leadership in creating an innovation ecosystem.

Count on external help to accelerate the result.

As explained in the article, “3 mistakes CEOs and CFOs make when investing in innovation”, who doesn’t want to rely on the expertise of different players when investing in innovation right?

Partnerships like this can change the game, as having professionals with a broad background in innovation ecosystems can ensure that failures are predicted, problems are avoided, and decisions are more assertive — since they will be firmly based on previous experiences and tests.

And you don’t have to look far to find someone ready to help you and your team with this topic. Just get in touch with our specialists by clicking here.

Implement simple governance

The more layers of decision-making, the more intricate and labor-intensive the idea selection process will be. Therefore, governance must be uncomplicated. After all, this is one of those cases where “less is more.”

This approach may seem a little obvious. Still, it is common to imagine that complex governance practices help avoid management errors and build the image of a more disciplined company, which is attractive to external investors.

One of the best ways to keep organizational governance simple is to constantly revisit it and adapt good practices to corporate trends — which change all the time — and your team’s profile.

Stay tuned for startup methodologies.

Lean startup (or, in Portuguese, “lean startup”) is a strategy widely used in creating and managing startups, given that it helps management reduce possible errors and cut costs, which are even more reckless in this field. Kickoff.

Fundamentally, the method created by the American Eric Ries, an adaptation of Steven Bank’s Customer Development concept, teaches how to create desired products and services, generating quick and direct learning cycles, always focusing on avoiding waste.

Analyze results weekly

Unfortunately, some mistakes are inevitable, but only the first time. That’s what a well-done results analysis can guarantee.

Let’s propose a hypothetical situation: in it, you identify right in the first days of implementing a new process, through an in-depth analysis of the results, that the measure, instead of bringing the organization closer to its objectives, is moving it away since that key results are not being achieved.

This is, therefore, your chance to act soon and correct the flaws found, preventing the business from “skating in place” for much longer, to the point of accumulating losses.

It is precisely for this reason that defining the main objectives and key results of the innovation ecosystem is essential, keeping everyone involved aligned. And one way to make this more visual and easier to understand is through our OKR tool. Click here to check it out.

Join an innovation ecosystem

One of the best ways to learn is by getting hands-on; to understand how to lead a newly created innovation ecosystem, it is paramount to participate in an already consolidated one.

This experience will provide you with unprecedented and exclusive knowledge, which could only be acquired if you leave theory and start practicing.

You can start by joining TechStart, the country’s largest open innovation ecosystem.

In it, leaders, companies, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, research institutions, and technology developers are gathered to impact the world through innovation.

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