Open Innovation and Startup Acceleration Program focused on solutions for Health.

TechStart Saúde is an open innovation and acceleration program created by Venture Hub and Espaço Mescla at PUC Campinas to help startups, companies, and institutions to accelerate health-related businesses and technologies.


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We are looking for startups that have already gone through the initial validation phases, have a team formed, and are working on the following topics.

But don’t limit yourself! If you believe your startup is relevant to the program, we will accept your application for the selection process.

  1. Aging
  2. New Technologies in Health (Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc.)
  3. Medical equipment (Biomedical Engineering)
  4. Chronic Diseases


To be part of TechStart Health, it is necessary to go through the selection process. Below are all the steps of our program.


Application for the Program

UNTIL MARCH 17, 2023

Leave your initial information on this page and access the application form for the program. Applications are made on a platform specifically designated for this process. The startup will be evaluated exclusively by the information in the form, so be careful!


Call for Approved Startups


The TechStart team will make a detailed evaluation of the information placed on the form and as the startups are approved, they will be called to prepare for the Warmup!


Selection Stage

APR/23 - JUN/23

After reviewing the evaluation and being invited to the Warmup, the approved startups will participate in 09 online and live meetings for 3 months. In this phase, the objective is to contextualize startups in terms of business and technology and to present the potential of the TECHSTART open innovation ecosystem. And simultaneously, our team will be able to understand better and analyze the stage in which startups are to select who will be part of the acceleration program.


Business and Technology Acceleration

JUL/23 - NOV/23

Once selected, your startup will undergo an intense acceleration program for approximately 5 months, sharing and experiencing experiences, creating connections with different players in the TECHSTART open innovation ecosystem, and finding opportunities to work in all areas of your business – mainly traction, scale, technological development and attracting investments.

TechStart Saúde para Corporates


TechtStart is a fast, simple, and efficient way for companies to reap tangible benefits and impactful through open innovation ecosystems.


If you plan to become a benchmark company that stands out in the industry, TechStart Health aligns with your mentality and business objectives.

Therefore, only a company with Venture Hub’s expertise can take advantage of this great opportunity.


Venture Hub

Currently accelerating more than 90 projects per year, we are a platform for accelerating startups and corporate innovation that unites entrepreneurs, large corporations, technology centers, emerging companies, and investors – promoting engagement oriented towards solving challenges, experimenting with models, and growing new businesses.

PUC Campinas + Mescla

PUC-Campinas is the oldest University in the interior of São Paulo. It is ranked among the best private universities in the country, integrating graduate and undergraduate programs. Aware of economic and technological changes, the Institution has supported initiatives to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.


Mescla is a program created to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at the University, dialogue with the Innovation Ecosystem present in Campinas and the region and seek connections on a national and international scale. Today, Mescla’s infrastructure comprises Mescla Coworking, the Digital Fabrication Laboratory, and the Innovation Environment.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Warm Up?

    Warm-up is a phase of the selection process, in which 10 meetings will take place, 100% online, from April to June 2023 to contextualize startups and projects in business and technology acceleration processes.

    At this stage, our team will also be able to analyze the participants and understand their steps and how the program can help.

    During this phase, there is no equity commitment. This topic is addressed in the post-warm-up phase with selected startups and projects.

  • What happens when I apply?

    After your complete registration, you will participate in our selection process.

    It consists of analyzing your registration form. We can also contact you to clear up any queries you may have. After analyzing your application by the Techstart team, we invite the Startups that best fit the program to participate in the Warm Up.

    In the Warm Up, we will deepen the analysis of Startups and then invite Startups to the Techstart Acceleration Program.

  • Where does the acceleration occur? Do we need to be physically present during the program?

    Warm Up, a step of the selection process, is entirely online. After that, we selected the startups to participate in the acceleration program.

    Our program takes place in Campinas, with possible visits to the field in the interior of São Paulo and other locations. The program has 21 weeks divided into 5 blocks (sprints). We have 1 sprint of one week and 4 sprints of 5 weeks each. The first two weeks and the last week of each contain days with mandatory face-to-face activities – such as group acceleration sessions and training – and participants are expected to be physically present in these actions.

    On the other hand, due to the program’s format and since field activities are encouraged, such as customer relations, carrying out POCs, etc., your team can spend some time working in other locations.

  • What happens during the program? How much dedication time is expected from startups?

    It isn’t easy to be precise about the amount of time to be dedicated by each Startup, but in general terms, be prepared to commit yourself a lot.

    The program has 21 weeks of hard work. These weeks are allocated in 5 sprints (1 sprint of one week – Onboarding – and 4 sprints of 5 weeks each). In sprints, we carry out technological acceleration, business acceleration, and relationships with partners (companies, institutions, and even innovation ecosystems).

    There are sessions (weekly meetings), mentoring, training, and networking events. We cover traction, funding, team building, and go-to-market strategy, among other relevant subjects.

    If you must decide, consider the following: You probably won’t get the most out of the program if you don’t have at least one person on your team dedicating 20 to 30 hours a week to activities related to the program.

  • How is the relationship between mentors and startups?

    Our acceleration team is multidisciplinary and has management and technical skills in digital agribusiness and related technologies.

    Our acceleration team comprises experienced directors, facilitators, partners, and ecosystem relations personnel.

    In face-to-face meetings, mentoring, and networking events, mentors usually share their experiences and give feedback to startups. Some mentors make themselves available to work more closely on the part of the business.

    As a good practice, we usually ask startups to notify their difficulties in advance; that way, we get suitable matches with mentors and partners.

  • What are Venture Hub's Innovation Hub and Partner Infrastructure like?

    When in Campinas, Startups can count on the Innovation Hub Campinas, a co-working space focused on open innovation and startups, with residents who help each other to accelerate the development of their businesses. Startup limits the number of participants.

    The use of the space is arranged with the responsible company, both from Venture Hub and partners.

  • If my Startup is selected, will all team members have to live in Campinas during the acceleration process?

    No. Those responsible for business and technology are expected to participate in the program, with participation of the entire team being optional.

    In addition, even though all founders don’t need to participate, the evaluation committee will consider the team designated by the company to carry out the acceleration process, which can substantially impact whether the Startup is accepted in the acceleration process.

  • Is registration free?

    To enter the selection process, fill in the form for free.

  • Can I submit an idea?

    We are looking for more mature startups which already have some product/market validation and which, preferably, are selling in a possibly scalable model. However, if you need more clarification on your internship and whether to apply, we recommend applying! We have cases of initial startups that evolved significantly during the Warmup and the Acceleration Program.

  • How much equity will I commit to the program?

    TechStart’s Warm Up is equity free; that is, there is no equity in your Startup.

    For participation in the TechStart Acceleration Program, which takes place after the completion of the Warmup, if your Startup is selected by the TechStart team and we understand that it makes sense to deliver the value that the program offers and what your startup needs, we propose equity counterpart.

    Our proposal generally does not exceed 4% of participation, and our contracts are “Equity Options,” where we can exercise a right of entry based on a future liquidity movement.

    And, of course, you always have the option to accept our proposal or not!!!

    Remembering that Techstart does not make financial investments in startups, although we can exclusively decide to do so through our investment vehicles. In the program, the equity counterpart is for participation in the program itself. We are fully interested in the growth of all participating startups and always do our best to leverage each one.

  • How is the hiring process?

    We have our standard contracts, but we treat each Startup individually when necessary.

    Therefore, contracts are jointly customized as needed by our lawyers and Startup’s lawyers, including adaptations for more prominent startups, which often fit into corporate models such as a public limited company (SA).

    In addition, during the selection process and interviews for participation in the Acceleration Program, if applicable, we clarify all points of doubt in the contracts so that Startup feels comfortable following.

    We have a lot of experience in this matter, and it may be the first-time entrepreneurs have had contact with this subject.

  • I am participating in another accelerator program. Can I participate?

    You can, but acceptance of participation depends on several factors. In general, if the other program does not compromise your performance in TechStart Agro Digital, no rule prevents your participation.

  • If my Startup is not selected, can I apply again for the next edition?

    Yes! Take this time to develop your business and your proposition. Welcome to new applications in the future.

  • I have questions that still need to be addressed. Who do I ask?

    You can leave your question through the registration form, using the “How can we help you?”.